The Global Seedball Campaign inspires people at the community level to participate in eco-restoration

The making and distribution of seedballs is an ancient technique that offers a simple solution for community groups to come together and contribute to restoring our planet’s ecological balance.

Civil 20’s Sustainable and Resilient Communities (SRC) working group has launched Global Seedball Campaign: Seeds of Hope—an initiative with the goal of dispersing one million seedballs in fragile ecosystems worldwide. Under the guidance and vision of Amma as Chair of C20 for India’s G20 Presidency, SRC is deeply honoured to work towards leading the production and distribution of the seedballs in the year 2023.

The project is in collaboration with AYUDH, the Mata Amritanandamayi Math’s global youth wing, and is a humble effort to create general awareness in people about the significance of seedballs in restoring ecological balance. Volunteers are set to gather in Embracing the World centres across India and in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Australia, and Africa as part of efforts to encourage people to contribute in whatever way possible.

“Take at least 100 seeds. Take a bit of soil, cow dung, or compost in a paper to insert the seed into it and tie it up. This when thrown into the forests, will start to germinate and grow. Trees in the forest do not usually need any water or fertilisers, their own fallen leaves become fertilisers to such trees,” said Amma.

“Alignment with nature is the lasting and closest bond for the human body and life. Without the elemental forces of earth, fire, water, air and space, humankind and other creatures will cease to exist. Our essential consciousness is the totality of all these forces. As long as we do not acknowledge this eternal unity between humankind and these natural forces, peace, happiness, and harmony will remain a dream.”

A seedball is made up of soil and seeds, often mixed with clay and other organic materials to hold the ball together. They are designed to be thrown or scattered in areas where vegetation is required and are able to rely on natural rainfall to germinate and grow into mature plants.

Creating seedballs is an ancient technique used for reforestation and soil restoration that is today being carried out by community groups worldwide and includes people of all ages. It offers an environmentally friendly and low-cost solution with the potential to make a significant impact on the health and resilience of our planet's ecosystems.

In preparation for the launch of the campaign, SRC conducted intensive seedball making workshops at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus and the Amritapuri Ashram. The students, staff and ashram residents have joined hands to produce close to 100,000 seedballs. A workshop conducted at the university on April 5th had over 200 enthusiastic participants who made close to 10,200 seedballs in seven hours. Meanwhile in Amritapuri, the Ashram kids made close to 1700 seedballs in two hours.

Inaugurating further workshops at the Ashram on April 7th, Swami Jnanamritananda Puri said: “The seeds of a tree are its children, yet, of the many seeds from a tree, only a few see a new life. The remaining seeds in fruit are used as food by humans and animals. When we look at nature and all of creation, we see that it's only humans that keep on taking without giving anything back to the environment. This has greatly affected the delicate balance of the ecosystem, causing climate change and extreme weather conditions.”

Every year, humans destroy around 10 million hectares of forests, causing huge ecological imbalance that affects earth’s climate and biodiversity. Deforestation has a profound impact on humankind, wildlife, and other life forms in nature. As forests are cut down to make way for mining and urbanisation, countless species lose their habitats and struggle to survive.

The loss of habitat has led to the decline and even extinction of many plant and animal species. Destruction of trees also leads to carbon retainment in the atmosphere, contributing to climate change and extreme cases of natural disasters. As deforestation continues, urgent action is needed to protect the planet's biodiversity and ensure the survival and wellbeing of countless species on earth. It is now time to break this pattern.

Video: The goal is to disperse one million seedballs in fragile ecosystems worldwide by the end of 2023.

La Campaña Global Seedball anima a las personas a nivel comunitario a participar en la eco-restauración

La elaboración y distribución de bolas de semillas es una técnica antigua que ofrece una solución sencilla para que los grupos comunitarios se unan y contribuyan a restaurar el equilibrio ecológico de nuestro planeta.

 El grupo de trabajo de Comunidades Sostenibles y Resilientes (SRC) de Civil 20 ha lanzado la Campaña Global de Semillas: Semillas de Esperanza, una iniciativa con el objetivo de dispersar un millón de semillas en ecosistemas frágiles en todo el mundo. Bajo la guía y la visión de Amma como presidenta del C20 para la presidencia del G20 de la India, SRC se siente profundamente honrado de trabajar para liderar la producción y distribución de semillas en el año 2023.

Kerala’s Spring festival marks Amma’s launch of new environmental initiatives on a global scale

The projects include tree planting by the World Malayalee Council, a Civil 20 campaign to disperse one million seed balls in fragile ecosystems worldwide, and AYUDH Amritapuri’s ninth year of planting saplings, alongside its start of beekeeping.

With Vishu as Kerala’s Spring celebration of the prosperity, abundance, and joy that arises from Mother Earth, Amma has launched new practical initiatives to globally address the effects of environmental degradation and climate change. The projects will be carried out in collaboration with volunteers worldwide.

“Alignment with nature is the lasting and closest bond for the human body and life. Without the elemental forces of earth, fire, water, air and space, humankind and other creatures will cease to exist. Our essential consciousness is the totality of all these forces. As long as we do not acknowledge this eternal unity between humankind and these natural forces, peace, happiness, and harmony will remain a dream. Vishu and Vishu Kani represent this elemental bond,” said Amma during her address at the Vishu celebrations in Amritapuri.

“Vishu is a celebration of the bond between man and God, man and Nature, and man and man. It is clarion call to reclaim the glorious values of our timeless and imperishable farming culture. The word Vishu also means ‘equal’. Vishu is the day on which day and night are of equal length. The state of being equal is the central point of our existence. From that perspective, Vishu gives us the message of seeing everything and everyone as equal.”

Amma blessed saplings for Vishu Thaineetham, an initiative that was started in 2015 by our youth wing, AYUDH. In addition to Vishu Kaineetham, the tradition of receiving money from family elders, the young people celebrate Spring by planting trees, fruits and other vegetation in their local ecosystems. ‘Thai’ is the Malayalam word for sapling.

This year, the World Malayalee Council (WMC) was inspired to join such a noble cause and has expanded the reach of participation to diaspora at the global level. Vishu Thaineettham is now initiated by all 69 WMC provinces in India and abroad in six regions across the world, as well as by several other international Malayalee associations.

“The Vishu Thaineettam initiative represents a significant transformation inspired by Amma. As children, we used to receive Vishu Kaineettham and buy candies or toys during the temple festival seasons. This was a type of pocket money. Children generally lack discernment, and money in the hands of a dullard can be dangerous. The same is true for our minds—a mind in the hands of a dullard is also dangerous,” said Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri at the event.

“What did Amma do? She transformed this tradition into Vishuthaineettam. In this era of global warming and climate change threatening humanity, this initiative has become a revolution—a revolution of compassion, so to speak. It is an inner revolution. By joining this great venture, the World Malayalee Council demonstrates their duty, commitment, and sincerity toward society, the world, and future generations.”

Johny Kuruvila, Global Chairman of WMC, expressed his gratitude to team up with the Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM) to address Mother Nature’s call to humankind to urgently take action to correct the damage done by pollution, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions. With a positive mindset, he also expressed that this is a way to reunite all people of the world as a global family.

He said: “Only today did I come to realise the importance of Vishu – its significance and greatness in family unity, and how the love for nature is passed on through generations. To join this great venture and spread this message worldwide, no government or other administration could have carried it out and reached all the families of the World Malayalee Council as effectively as this organisation has. I see this as a God-given opportunity. I thank Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Swamiji, and all members of the World Malayalee Council at this time. Let this be the beginning. I have hope that for the good of the world and humanity, we have joined hands together.”

On the same day, WMC’s chapter in the Middle East and Amrita Kudumbam UAE initiated Vishu Thaineetham by gifting a sapling to the Consulate General of India in Dubai, Dr. Aman Puri. Their vision was to motivate everyone, especially the younger generation, to see the importance of Mother Nature and of preserving and protecting Her.

This year’s Vishu also celebrates further initiatives by MAM to encourage people around the world to contribute in whatever way possible to environmental restoration, as every small action contributes to a greater whole.

With Amma as Chair of the G20’s Engagement Group for civil society, the C20’s Sustainable and Resilient Communities working group has launched ‘Seeds of Hope’ – a campaign with the goal of dispersing one million seed balls in fragile ecosystems worldwide.

Volunteers are set to gather in MAM’s centres across the country and in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Australia, and Africa to create the seed balls. They are made by rolling soil and seeds that are often mixed with clay and other organic materials to bind them.

The balls are then thrown or scattered in local areas where vegetation is declining. Since they rely on natural rainfall or watering to germinate and grow into mature plants, no further gardening is required. It is, in fact, an ancient technique used for reforestation and soil restoration.

So far, volunteers have taken part in intensive seed ball making workshops at the Amrita University campus and the Ashram in Amritapuri. They have made balls that contain seeds for neem trees and eventually, a total of one lakh balls will be distributed across the country. To make Amma’s dream of restoring balance with Mother Nature come true, people of all ages, even little children, are participating in whatever way they can.

AYUDH has also taken up the charge to further its environmental actions by starting a beekeeping project at Amrita University. The purpose is to set an example on how to support local bee populations, as their numbers are declining in many parts of the world. This affects global food supply, as at least one-third of crops depend upon pollinators.

Photo 1:  Amma’s vision for the new environmental initiatives is to inspire individual participation at the community level which then collectively amounts to global action.

Photo 2: Amma blesses the saplings for AYUDH to plant.

Photo 3: Johny Kuruvila is the Global Chairman of the World Malayalee Council.

Photo 4: WMC’s chapter in the Middle East and Amrita Kudumbam UAE initiated Vishu Thaineetham by gifting a sapling to the Consulate General of India in Dubai.

Photo 5: In advance of the launch of Seeds of Hope, volunteers in Amritapuri began making balls with neem seeds.

Photo 6: Tulsi is one of many children who took part in receiving a sapling, alongside attending classes about environmental conservation.

Photo 7: The traditional Vishu Kani includes items like raw rice, flowers, and coins set up around a statue of Krishna, who symbolises protection, compassion, tenderness, and love.

El festival de primavera de Kerala marca el lanzamiento de nuevas iniciativas medioambientales de Amma a escala mundial

Los proyectos incluyen la plantación de árboles por parte del World Malayalee Council, una campaña Civil 20 para dispersar un millón de bolas de semillas en ecosistemas frágiles de todo el mundo y el noveno año de plantación de árboles jóvenes de AYUDH Amritapuri, junto con el inicio de la apicultura.

Con motivo de Vishu, la celebración primaveral de Kerala de la prosperidad, la abundancia y la alegría que surge de la Madre Tierra, Amma ha lanzado nuevas iniciativas prácticas para abordar globalmente los efectos de la degradación ambiental y el cambio climático. Los proyectos se llevarán a cabo en colaboración con voluntarios de todo el mundo.

C20: The Integrated Holistic Health Summit addresses best solutions on a global scale

The discussions took place at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad and have proven vital to drafting a well-rounded policy pack for India’s G20 Summit in September.

The Integrated Holistic Health Summit of Civil 20 (C20), one of the official Engagement Groups of India’s G20 Presidency, took place at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad. Delegates from more than 700 civil society organisations (CSOs), health professionals, educators, and leaders from across the public health landscape participated in discussions and workshops that directly impact the policy recommendations for the C20 Summit set to take place in Jaipur in July.

C20: La Cumbre de Salud Holística Integrada aborda las mejores soluciones a escala global

Las discusiones tuvieron lugar en el Hospital Amrita de Faridabad, y han demostrado ser vitales para redactar un paquete completo de políticas para la Cumbre del G20 de la India en septiembre.

La Cumbre de Salud Holística Integrada de Civil 20 (C20), uno de los Grupos de Compromiso oficiales de la Presidencia del G20 de la India, se llevó a cabo en el Hospital Amrita de Faridabad. Delegados de más de 700 organizaciones de la sociedad civil (OSC), profesionales de la salud, educadores y líderes de todo el panorama de la salud pública participaron en debates y talleres que tendrán un impacto directo en las recomendaciones de políticas para la Cumbre del C20 que tendrá lugar en Jaipur el próximo mes de julio.

DARE TO DREAM - ACT & IMPACT ( Atrévete a Soñar - Actúa e Impacta )

Foro Europeo de la Juventud 2023 - Del 7 al 13 de agosto de 2023 en el M.A Center de Alemania

Estamos encantados de anunciar que las solicitudes de nuestro Foro Europeo de la Juventud 2023 Dare to Dream – Act & Impact (Atrévete a Soñar - Actúa e Impacta) ¡ya están oficialmente abiertas! Anteriormente conocido como AYUDH Europe's Summit, nuestro 19º evento juvenil anual tendrá lugar del 7 al 13 de agosto de 2023 en el M.A Center de Alemania.

¿Qué es un Foro AYUDH?

El Foro de la Juventud AYUDH Europa es un evento de una semana de duración destinado a empoderar a los jóvenes a convertirse en agentes de cambio en sus comunidades. A través de talleres, debates y actividades divertidas, los participantes adquirirán nuevas habilidades, conocerán nuevos amigos y explorarán temas centrados en la sostenibilidad, el desarrollo personal y la justicia social.

AYUDH es un movimiento juvenil internacional que forma parte de Embracing the World, la red global de organizaciones humanitarias guiadas por Amma.

Jóvenes participantes

Todos los jóvenes de entre 15 y 30 años están cordialmente invitados a participar en el evento. Estamos aquí para apoyar tus sueños, intercambiar ideas, actuar e impactar por un mundo sostenible y pacífico.  Durante una semana, aprenderemos a vivir juntos como una gran familia, abrazando la diversidad y la multiplicidad en un entorno seguro y respetuoso.


Si echas de menos las giras de Amma tanto como nosotros, ¡esta es la oportunidad perfecta para disfrutar del ambiente espiritual del M.A. Center de Alemania y del entusiasmo incomparable de hacer seva con la sangha internacional! Vuestra ayuda es realmente valiosa para nosotros - ¡estos eventos nunca podrían tener lugar sin vuestro servicio y dedicación desinteresados!

La Gracia de Amma

Tenemos el honor de que Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri, Swami Shubamritananda Puri y Swamini Amrita Jyoti Prana hayan confirmado su presencia al evento. Ven y disfruta del ambiente espiritual con archanas diarias, vibrantes bhajans e inspiradores satsangs.

Encontrarás más información en los dos enlaces de solicitud siguientes:



El equipo de AYUDH Europa y el M.A. Center Alemania están trabajando muy duro para preparar un evento inolvidable, ¡estamos muy emocionados de verte y disfrutar de una semana entera juntos!

Si tienes alguna pregunta no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros

Para jóvenes: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Para ayudantes: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Con Amor,

El equipo AYUDH

'Vishu Thaineettam': Regalando Arbolitos a Nuestros Seres Cercanos y Queridos.

Programa en Directo "Vishuthaineettam" con Amma el Sábado 15 de Abril a las 14:30
'Vishu Thaineettam': Regalando Arbolitos a Nuestros Seres Cercanos y Queridos.Sábado, 15 de abril a las 14:30

Mensaje de Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri

ॐ अमृतेश्वर्यै नमः

Queridos hermanos y hermanas en Amma

Todos vosotros sabéis que nuestra muy querida Amma ha transformado “Vishu Kaineettam” en “Vishu Thaineettam” con el propósito de motivaros a todos, especialmente la generación más joven, a tomar en consideración la importancia, preservación y protección de la naturaleza. Frecuentemente, Amma recalca el significado de cuidar a la naturaleza con amor y reverencia. Amma dice que “hoy en día nuestro aire, agua y alimentos están contaminados. Si no cesamos de explotar a la naturaleza en beneficio de nuestras egoístas ganancias temporales, destruiremos este hermoso y gratificante jardín que es el mundo.”

Vishu es un tiempo para nuevos comienzos, esperanzas y aspiraciones. Así que, en lugar de dar dinero a parientes y generación joven, sigamos la enseñanza única de Amma de Vishu Thaineettam, dando retoños a nuestros seres queridos y próximos, para que ellos los planten y cuiden. Esto, no solo será un mensaje de amor y cuidado de la naturaleza, sino también de la belleza del valor de la unidad.

Este año, Vishu tiene un hito especial. El Consejo Mundial Malayalí une esfuerzos con el Mata Amritanandamayi Math para propagar y promover esta sorprendente visión de Amma. Para poner en marcha esta celebración se está organizando una ceremonia en Amritapuri  el 15 de abril a las 14:30 hora española, en la que participarán  mensajeros prominentes y miembros del Consejo Mundial Malayalí. También participarán virtualmente de la ceremonia devotos de Amma y miembros del Consejo Mundial Malayalí de todo el mundo.     

Confío en que la asociación con el Consejo Mundial Malayalí logrará que este programa sea aún más impactante, y que se extenderá a una audiencia mucho más amplia.

 Pido a todos los devotos de Amma, instituciones, centros, sucursales y Satsang Samitis de toda la India y de fuera del país, que participen activamente en esta auspiciosa ceremonia del 15 de abril a las seis de la tarde hora local. Si lo hacemos así al mismo tiempo que esto sucede en Amritapuri, contribuiremos a que ello sea un gran éxito.

नमस्कारंCon oraciones de amor a los pies de Amma

|| ॐ लोकाः समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु ||</p

El Centre de Salut Amrita a les Illes Andaman amplia el seu abast a les comunitats empobrides

Les noves instal·lacions inclouen un escàner de tomografia computeritzada, ambulància, fisioteràpia i equip de laboratori i l'establiment d'una clínica satèl·lit en una àrea aïllada.

El Centre de Salut Amrita a Shadipur, South Andaman, pot atendre més pacients que altrament no podrien pagar el tractament mèdic. Els serveis ampliats inclouen una clínica satèl·lit a Bambooflat, una ciutat on només es pot accedir a través d'un viatge en ferri a través d'un estret.

Voluntaris de la Societat Amriteswari de Singapur han dirigit el projecte de nous equips i més divulgació. Els seus esforços van començar durant la COVID-19, quan es va descompondre l'escàner de tomografia computada del centre de salut. A mesura que augmentava la recaptació de fons, també van poder proporcionar una nova ambulància i un equip de laboratori, així com obrir una clínica de fisioteràpia.

“Encara que començàrem el centre de salut aquí el 2009, encara molta gent necessita més ajuda, i els devots de Singapur estaven llestos per fer-ho. Per la seva dedicació a Amma”, va explicar Swami Purnamritananda Puri, que va visitar Andaman per dirigir la cerimònia d'inauguració.

Sagar Dharan està amb la Societat Amriteswari, Singapur. Va dir que va ser una benedicció gairebé inimaginable de part de Amma poder contribuir a millorar l'accés a la salut per a les persones que viuen a l'àrea.

Segons Dharan: “Els devots es van sentir sens dubte desafiats i motivats. En treballar de prop amb l'equip d'Andaman i un especialista de l'Hospital Amrita de Kochi vam poder identificar l'equip necessari. Es va iniciar una campanya de recaptació de fons i vam poder recaptar prou diners per expandir els serveis en aquesta àrea afectada per la pobresa”.

Swamiji va afegir: “No és fàcil trobar equips dedicats que estiguin a punt per venir i quedar-se aquí, però amb l'Hospital Amrita de Kochi com a campus universitari, més i més metges de l'Índia estaran disposats a sacrificar les vides pels pobres. venint aquí. Aleshores, espero que puguem fer molt més”.

Amma va obrir el centre de salut després de la seva primera visita a Andaman el 2008, quan va ser testimoni de quant patiment hi havia entre la gent. La seva primera prioritat era establir serveis mèdics en què confiar. Avui, el Centre de Salut Amrita ofereix consultes ambulatòries diàries a unes 25 persones, juntament amb serveis d'atenció domiciliària per a persones postrades al llit. Al centre també hi opera una màquina d'ECG i Raigs X.

"L'accés a l'atenció mèdica en general és molt limitat aquí, especialment l'assequibilitat", va dir la Dra. Divya Mol, directora mèdica del Centre de Salut Amrita. “No obstant, ens esforcem per brindar tractament mèdic amb les tarifes més baixes possibles, i crec que les noves incorporacions beneficiaran moltes persones que ho necessiten”.

La nova clínica satèl·lit a Bambooflat és un gran esforç, ja que ampliarà l'abast del centre de salut amb serveis de consultes, telemedicina i laboratori digital a l'àrea remota. Dr. Sandeep Roy està coordinant les instal·lacions.

Tècnicament, la ciutat és a només 8,5 km del Centre de Salut Amrita, però, fins i tot el temps i el cost del viatge en ferri és una cosa que molts troben difícil de pagar. També és on MA Math va construir 150 cases per a persones que van perdre les seves llars després del tsunami de l'Oceà Índic de 2004.

Mariam Bibi és membre de Zilla Parishad al sud de les Andaman i va assistir a la inauguració a Bambooflat. Ella va dir: "Voldria expressar el meu sincer agraïment a Amma, a qui vaig conèixer quan va visitar Andaman el 2008. Ara estic tan commoguda com abans per la compassió i l'expressió d'amor de Amma per la gent d'aquí".

Foto1: Es van distribuir kits d'atenció de necessitats bàsiques i roba nova a persones en Shadipur i Bambooflat.

Foto2: Swami Purnamritananda Puri va inaugurar un nou escàner de tomografia computeritzada al Centre de Salut de Amrita, ja que l'anterior es va avariar durant el COVID-19.

Foto3: La recaptació de fons d'Amriteswari Society, Singapur, va portar a la compra d’una ambulància per al centre de Shadipur.

Foto4: El Dr. Sandeep Roy (esquerra) coordina la clínica satèl·lit del centre de salut a Bambooflat. Swami Purnamritananda Puri va inaugurar les noves instal·lacions.

Foto5: Mariam Bibi, membre de Zilla Parishad a South Andaman, i Sagar Daran amb Amriteswari Society, Singapur, distribueixen subministraments bàsics a les persones en Bambooflat.

Foto6: La clínica satèl·lit Bambooflat ofereix consultes, telemedicina i serveis de laboratori digital.

Amrita Health Centre in the Andaman Islands furthers its reach to impoverished communities

The new facilities include a CT scanner, ambulance, physiotherapy and lab equipment, and the establishment of a satellite clinic in an isolated area.

The Amrita Health Centre in Shadipur, South Andaman is able to care for more patients who are otherwise not able to afford medical treatment. The expanded services include a satellite clinic in Bambooflat, a town that is only accessible via a ferry ride across a strait.

Volunteers with the Amriteswari Society, Singapore, led the project for new equipment and further outreach. Their efforts began during COVID-19 when the health centre’s CT scanner broke down. As fundraising expanded, they were also able to provide a new ambulance and laboratory equipment, as well as open a physiotherapy clinic.

“Although we started the health centre here in 2009, still so many people need more help, and the devotees from Singapore were ready to do that. Because of their dedication to Amma,” explained Swami Purnamritananda Puri. He visited Andaman to lead the inauguration ceremonies.

Sagar Dharan is with the Amriteswari Society, Singapore. He said it was an almost unimaginable blessing from Amma to be able to contribute to improving health access for the people living in the area.

“The devotees were indeed challenged and motivated. By closely working with the Andaman team and a specialist at Amrita Hospital, Kochi, we were able to identify the equipment needed,” he shared. “A fundraising drive was initiated, and we were able to raise enough money to expand services in this poverty-stricken area.”

Swamiji added: “It is not easy to find dedicated teams who are ready to come and stay here, but with Amrita Hospital, Kochi, as a university campus, more and more doctors from India will be ready to sacrifice their lives for the poor people living here. So, I hope we can do much more.”

The health centre was started by Amma after her first visit to Andaman in 2008 when she witnessed how much suffering there was among the people there. Her first priority was to establish dependable medical services for them. Today, Amrita Health Centre provides daily out-patient consultations to about 25 people, alongside home care services for people who are bed-ridden. The centre also runs an ECG and X-Ray machine.

“Health care access on the whole is very limited here, especially affordability,” said Dr. Divya Mol, Amrita Health Centre’s Chief Medical Officer. “However, we strive to give medical treatment at the lowest possible rates, and I believe the new additions will benefit a lot of people who are in great need.”

The new satellite clinic in Bambooflat is a profound endeavour, as it will extend the health centre’s reach by providing consultations, telemedicine, and digital lab services to the remote area. Dr. Sandeep Roy is coordinating the facilities.

Technically, the town is only 8.5 km from Amrita Health Centre, however even just the time and cost of the ferry ride is something many find difficult to afford. It is also where the MA Math built 150 houses for people who lost their homes after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Mariam Bibi is a Zilla Parishad Member in South Andaman who attended the inauguration in Bambooflat. She said: “May I express sincere gratitude to Amma, whom I met when she visited Andaman in 2008. I am just as touched now by Amma’s compassion and expression of love for the people here as I was then.”

Photo 1: Basic needs care kits and new clothing were distributed to people in Shadipur and Bambooflat.

Photo 2: Swami Purnamritananda Puri inaugurated a new CT scanner at Amrita Health Centre, as the previous one broke down during COVID-19.

Photo 3: The fundraising by Amriteswari Society, Singapore led to purchasing an ambulance for the Shadipur centre.

Photo 4: Dr. Sandeep Roy (left) is coordinating the health centre’s satellite clinic in Bambooflat. Swami Purnamritananda Puri inaugurated the new facilities.

Photo 5: Mariam Bibi, Zilla Parishad Member in South Andaman, and Sagar Daran with Amriteswari Society, Singapore distribute basic supplies to people in Bambooflat.

Photo 6: The Bambooflat satellite clinic provides consultations, telemedicine, and digital lab services.

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